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Minutes of each meeting are posted on the website in draft form as they are not approved until the following meeting.


To be certain of obtaining the official, approved, version it is important to check the following minute issue to check for any amendments and corrections.


If you require meeting minutes prior to 2015, please contact the Clerk who will provide any historic minutes required.


2020 Minutes

Minutes 06.01.2020

Minutes 03.02.2020

Minutes 02.03.2020

Minutes 21.04.2020

AnnParAss 20-05-11

AGM min 20-05-11


2019 Minutes

Extraordinary Minutes 04.01.2019.docx

Minutes 07.01.2019.docx

Extraordinary Minutes 04.02.2019

Minutes 04.02.2019

Minutes 04.03.2019

Minutes 08.04.2019.docx

Ann Pa rAss 19-05-13.doc

AGM min 19-05-13

Minutes 03.06.2019.docx

Minutes 01.07.2019.docx

Minutes 05.08.2019

Minutes 02.09.2019

Minutes 07.10.2019

Minutes 04.11.2019

Minutes 02.12.2019


2018 Minutes

Minutes 08.01.2018.docx

Minutes 05.02.2018.docx

Minutes 05.03.2018-1.docx

Internal PC Meeting Minutes 19.03.2018.pdf

Extraordinary Minutes 03.04.2018.docx

Current air monitoring situation.docx 03.04.2018.docx

Esther McVey 3.4.2018.pptx

Minutes 09.04.2018.docx

AnnParAss 18-05-14.doc

AGM min 18-05-14.doc

Extraordinary Minutes 24.05.2018.docx

Minutes 04.06.2018.docx

Minutes 02.07.2018

Extraordinary Minutes 19.07.2018

Minutes 03.09.2018.docx

Minutes 01.10.2018.docx

Minutes 05.11.2018.docx

Minutes 03.12.2018.docx



2017 Minutes

Minutes 09.01.2017.docx.docx

Minutes 22.01.2017.docx

Minutes 06.02.2017.docx

Minutes 06.03.2017.docx

Minutes 03.04.2017docx

AGM min17-05-08.doc

AnnParAss 17-05-08.doc

Minutes 05.06.2017.docx

Minutes 03.07.2017.docx

Minutes 04.09.2017.docx

Minutes 02.10.2017.docx

Minutes 06.11.2017.docx

Minutes 04.12.2017.docx

2016 Minutes

pcmin 16-01-04new-1.doc

pcmin 16-02-01 new.doc

pcmin 16-03-07 new.doc

pcmin 16-04-04 new.doc

Ann Par Ass 16-05-09-2.doc

AGM pcmin 16-05-09-3.doc

pcmin 16-06-06new.doc

pcmin 16-07-04new.doc

pcmin 16-07-29 new.doc

INEOS Shale -5 September 2016.pdf

pcmin 16-09-05 new.doc

pcmin 16-10-03 new-1.doc

pcmin 16-11-07 new-2.doc

pcmin 16-12-05 new.doc

2015 Minutes

pcmin 15-01-05.docx

pcmin 15-02-02.docx

pcmin 15-03-02.docx

pcmin 15-04-20.docx

pcmin 15-05-11.doc

pcmin 15-06-01.doc

pcmin 15-07-06.doc

pcmin 15-09-07.doc

pcmin 15-10-12.doc

pcmin 15-11-02.doc

pcmin 15-12-07.doc

AnnParAss 15-06-01.doc