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PCSO surgery


Monday 13th May,

between 10am – 11am.

Chapel Lane, Allostock. A Police vehicle will be parked in the car park near to the bungalows.


Saturday 18th May,

between 4pm – 5pm.

Costa Coffee, Lostock Gralam.


Thursday 23rd May,

between 2pm – 3pm.

Hulme Lane, Lower Peover. A Police vehicle to be parked near to the shop.


Wednesday 29th May,

between 5pm – 6pm.

Lostock Green Church, Birches Lane. A police vehicle to be parked on the road in front of the church.


Monday 3rd June,

between 2pm – 3pm.

Chapel Lane, Allostock. A Police vehicle will be parked in the car park near to the bungalows.


Tuesday 11th June,

between 10am – 11am.

Costa Coffee, Lostock Gralam.



Everyone is welcome to come along to say hello and discuss any local issues or concerns.



Volunteer Litter Picking


Members of the public wishing to become a regular volunteer litter picker in the parish can arrange equipment by registering with CWAC on the below link:

Book litter picking equipment


Suggestion Box

We now have a Suggestion Box at the Parish Council Noticeboard near to the Hall Lane traffic lights if you'd rather drop us a hand written note/suggestion.



Facebook Group for Lostock Gralam Residents:

 Lostock Gralam Community Together


Parish Council Meetings


Parish Council meetings are at the Church Hall on the first Monday of the month at the new time of 7.00pm.

Public welcome.


Monday 13th May 2024 – 7.00 pm 

Monday 3rd June 2024 – 7.00 pm

Monday 1st July 2024 – 7.00 pm

Monday 5th August 2024 – 7.00 pm

Monday 2nd September 2024 – 7.00 pm

Monday 7th October 2024 – 7.00 pm

Monday 4th November 2024 – 7.00 pm

Monday 2nd December 2024 – 7.00 pm








Minutes of each meeting are posted on the website in draft form as they are not approved until the following meeting.


To be certain of obtaining the official, approved, version it is important to check the following minute issue to check for any amendments and corrections.


If you require meeting minutes prior to 2015, please contact the Clerk who will provide any historic minutes required.



Minutes 2024


January Minutes 08.01.2024
FebruaryMinutes 05.02.2024
March Minutes 04.03.2024
April Minutes 08.04.2024

Ann Par Ass 13-5-2024

AM min13-5-2024

Minutes 2023
JanuaryMinute 9.1.2023
FebruaryMinutes 6.2.2023
March Minutes 6.3.2023
AprilMinutes 3.4.2023

Ann Par Ass 15-5-2023

AM min15-5-2023

June Minutes 5.6.2023
July Minutes 03.07.2023
August Minutes 07.08.2023
September Minutes 04.09.2023
October Minutes 02.10.2023
November Minutes 06.11.2023
December Minutes 04.12.2023
 Minutes 2022
JanuaryMinutes 10.1.2022
FebruaryMinutes 07.2.2022

Minutes 07.3.2022

LGPC HS2 Phase 2

AprilMinutes 4.4.2022

AnnParAss 9-5-2022

AGM min9-5-2022

JuneMinutes 6.6.2022
JulyMinutes 04.07.2022
AugustMinutes 1.8.2022
SeptemberMinutes 5.9.2022
OctoberMinutes 3.10.2022
NovemberMinutes 7.11.2022

Minutes 5.12.2022

Minutes 19.12.2022


Minutes 2021





Minutes 04.01.2021

Minutes 19.01.2021

FebruaryMinutes 01.02.2021
MarchMinutes 01.03.2021
AprilMinutes 12.04.2021

Ann Par Ass 4-5-21

AGM min 4-5-21


Temporary Delegation of Power June 21

Notes 07.06.2021


Temporary Delegation of Power July 21

Notes 05.7.2021

AugustMinutes 02.08.2021
SeptemberMinutes 06.09.2021
OctoberMinutes 04.10.2021  
NovemberMinutes 01.11.2021
DecemberMinutes 06.12.2021




















  Minutes 2020
JanuaryMinutes 06.01.2020
FebruaryMinutes 03.02.2020
MarchMinutes 02.03.2020
AprilMinutes 21.04.2020

AnnParAss 20-05-11

AGM min 20-05-11


Minutes 01.06.2020

JulyMinutes 06.07.2020
AugustMinutes 03.08.2020
SeptemberMinutes 07.09.2020
OctoberMinutes 05.10.2020

Minutes 02.11.2020

Minutes 23.11.2020 Extraordinary Meeting

DecemberMinutes 07.12.2020


 Minutes 2019

Minutes 07.01.2019

Extraordinary Minutes 04.01.2019


Minutes 04.02.2019

Extraordinary Minutes 04.02.2019

March Minutes 04.03.2019
April Minutes 08.04.2019

AGM min19-05-13-2

AnnParAss 19-05-13-1

June Minutes 03.06.2019
July Minutes 01.07.2019
August Minutes 05.08.2019
September Minutes 02.09.2019
October Minutes 07.10.2019
November Minutes 04.11.2019
December Minutes 02.12.2019
 Minutes 2018









JanuaryMinutes 08.01.2018.docx
FebruaryMinutes 05.02.2018.docx

Minutes 05.03.2018-1.docx

Internal PC Meeting Minutes 19.03.2018.pdf


Extraordinary Minutes 03.04.2018.docx

Current air monitoring situation.docx 03.04.2018.docx

Esther McVey 3.4.2018.pptx

Minutes 09.04.2018.docx


AnnParAss 18-05-14.doc

AGM min 18-05-14.doc

Extraordinary Minutes 24.05.2018.docx

JuneMinutes 04.06.2018.docx

Minutes 02.07.2018

Extraordinary Minutes 19.07.2018

SeptemberMinutes 03.09.2018.docx
OctoberMinutes 01.10.2018.docx
NovemberMinutes 05.11.2018.docx
DecemberMinutes 03.12.2018.docx




























Minutes Archive

Minutes 2017

Minutes 09.01.2017.docx.docx

Minutes 22.01.2017.docx

Minutes 06.02.2017.docx

Minutes 06.03.2017.docx

Minutes 03.04.2017docx

AGM min17-05-08.doc

AnnParAss 17-05-08.doc

Minutes 05.06.2017.docx

Minutes 03.07.2017.docx

Minutes 04.09.2017.docx

Minutes 02.10.2017.docx

Minutes 06.11.2017.docx

Minutes 04.12.2017.docx


Minutes 2016

pcmin 16-01-04new-1.doc

pcmin 16-02-01 new.doc

pcmin 16-03-07 new.doc

pcmin 16-04-04 new.doc

Ann Par Ass 16-05-09-2.doc

AGM pcmin 16-05-09-3.doc

pcmin 16-06-06new.doc

pcmin 16-07-04new.doc

pcmin 16-07-29 new.doc

INEOS Shale -5 September 2016.pdf

pcmin 16-09-05 new.doc

pcmin 16-10-03 new-1.doc

pcmin 16-11-07 new-2.doc

pcmin 16-12-05 new.doc