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Suggestion Box

We now have a Suggestion Box at the Parish Council Noticeboard near to the Hall Lane traffic lights if you'd rather drop us a hand written note/suggestion.



Facebook Group for Lostock Gralam Residents:

 Lostock Gralam Community Together


Parish Council Meetings

Parich Council meetings are at the Church Hall on the first Monday of the month at the new time of 7.00pm.

Public welcome.







Lostock Gralam currently has 10 Parish Councillors with no vacancies.


A councillors main role is to act as a representative of their local council. Legislation dictates the term of office and the conduct expected when representing the council and  making decisions. Councillors are not paid for their time in public office.


Elections are held every 4 years. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected each year in May.


Parish Council Chairman 

Mark Litton  Members Interest Form - Mark Litton

Parish Council Vice- Chairman

Mark Venables Members Interest Form -Mark Venables

Parish Councillors

Pete Kelly Members Interest Form - Pete Kelly

Lynda Kelly Members Interest Form - Lynda Kelly

Tim Smith Members Interest Form-Tim Smith

Andrew Ross - Members Interests Form-Andrew Ross

Paul Cobley - Paul Cobley Members Interests

Paul Walker - Members Interest Form - Paul Walker

Kath Hodgkinson- Kath Hodgkinson- Members Interest

Tim Hodges  Members Interest Form - Tim Hodges