Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant (Lostock SEP), Local Liaison Committe


The Clerk attended the first TATA Local Liaison Committee meeting on the 24th August 2017.



Minutes:-  170824_MeetingNo1_24.08.17_MoM.docx

Presentation:- 170824_LLC_Meeting1_Presentation_final1.pptx


In summary TATA informed the LLC (Local Laison Committee) that:-


-The old power station  will need decommissioning before any works can commence.  It will take between 12-18 months to get the site ready.


-The construction phase will take around three years.


-The tallest part of the plant will be two chimneys which will stand at 90m tall.


-The plant will stretch from the current mobile offices behind the old power station right up to the canal tow-path.


-One train per day will bring in 2/3 of the waste. Anything less than 70 miles radius would not be viable on the train line.


-The waste arriving via train will be in a sealed container and be moved by large cranes similar to shipping dockyards.


-The waste will be unloaded in a sealed low air pressure bay where smells will be sucked into the building rather than let out.


-The smoke will be filtered and cleaned before being let into the air.  The smoke will appear clear.


-The Clerk requested that TATA produce information for local residents which can be placed on the Parish Council notice board and website as members of the public are very concerned.


-The Clerk will obtain a plant plan to be published on the Parish Council Website.


The next LLC meeting will be in three months.