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Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant (Lostock SEP), Local Liaison Committe


TATA third Local Liaison Committee Meeting 1st March 2018




Work activities since the last meeting;


1. Collection of necessary information and assessments to meet the requirements of planning condition 26 discharge approval: -Site work commenced in January and is due to complete in the next two weeks. The work consists of drilling a number of boreholes to allow soil and ground water samples to be taken and analysed. Trial pits have also been excavated to collect soil samples. Sample collection will continue over the coming weeks to provide a suite of analysis to better understand the ground conditions, both composition and geotechnical properties.


2. Developing the scopes for the enabling work packages: - Civil, mechanical and electrical engineering resource has now been allocated to this activity to support the scope development packages. The majority of the work will be done off-site but some site activities will take place, primarily collection of physical dimensions and technical meetings with TATA. Expect to conclude this work by the end of April.


3. Development work to optimise the design and efficiency of the EfW Plant:- The original planning consent granted by the Secretary of State for DECC on 2nd October 2012 was for the construction and operation of a 600,000 tpa EfW station generating up to 60 MWe. Our technical studies have indicated that we could increase the electrical generation for export on to the grid by up to a further 30 MWe. This increase could be delivered without change in any of the parameters permitted under the existing planning consent, but is enabled by efficiency improvements since consent was granted.


We are looking to submit a formal variation application to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS), formerly DECC. Prior to this we would like to consult with the Local Liaison Committee in the coming weeks. Our experts would attend this special convened LLC meeting to share in detail, the variation application and allow questions to be answered. We will also be consulting other interested parties.


Work Activities in Next 3 to 6 Months


1. Complete borehole sampling and ground soil analysis
2. Develop programme for pre-commissioning planning condition application submissions
3. Commence Environmental Permit detailing
4. Complete scoping of enabling work packages

The majority of the above activities will be undertaken off-site either at the design contractors offices or within our head office. Minimal site work required, those activities on site will be sample taking or engineering studies and meetings.



Councillor Tim Hodges attended the second TATA Local Liaison Committee meeting on the 30th November 2017.


Minutes : 11963/171130_MeetingNo2_MoM_Final.pdf

Presentation: 11963/171130_LLC_Meeting2_Presentation_Final.pptx

Cllr Hodges notes: 11963/LostockSustainableEnergyPlantmeeting30November2017.docx



The Clerk attended the first TATA Local Liaison Committee meeting on the 24th August 2017.



Minutes:-  170824_MeetingNo1_24.08.17_MoM.docx

Presentation:- 170824_LLC_Meeting1_Presentation_final1.pptx


In summary TATA informed the LLC (Local Laison Committee) that:-


-The old power station  will need decommissioning before any works can commence.  It will take between 12-18 months to get the site ready.


-The construction phase will take around three years.


-The tallest part of the plant will be two chimneys which will stand at 90m tall.


-The plant will stretch from the current mobile offices behind the old power station right up to the canal tow-path.


-One train per day will bring in 2/3 of the waste. Anything less than 70 miles radius would not be viable on the train line.


-The waste arriving via train will be in a sealed container and be moved by large cranes similar to shipping dockyards.


-The waste will be unloaded in a sealed low air pressure bay where smells will be sucked into the building rather than let out.


-The smoke will be filtered and cleaned before being let into the air.  The smoke will appear clear.


-The Clerk requested that TATA produce information for local residents which can be placed on the Parish Council notice board and website as members of the public are very concerned.


-The Clerk will obtain a plant plan to be published on the Parish Council Website.


The next LLC meeting will be in three months.