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The amount of cars and lorries that pass through Lostock Gralam is raising all the time. This makes crossing Manchester road virtually impossible unless you walk down to the slow and easy to cross, there needs to be a zebra crossing installed across from the park. This will be the safest option for everyone to use especially children. I also think the cross road juction needs changing at the slow and easy aswell as a filter on the lights. Also is there enough money in the pot now for a picnic bench for the park? Thank you for your comments, the Zebra crossing is new suggestion however I will put it to the council. The Parish Council has instructed CWAC to conduct a light sequence analysis to look at the lights at the Slow and Easy, we are awaiting to hear back their recommendations. And thirdly yes we are having two picnic benches installed and three music boards at the Community Centre Park. Thanks for contacting Lostock Gralam Parosh Council
HS2 Public Meeting Information - SATURDAY 11th FEBRUARY 2017 at 10:00am LACH DENNIS VILLAGE HALL HS2 ROUTE CLARIFICATION INFORMATION ADVICE HELP DESKS DISPLAYS Q & A Refreshment's will be available at the Lach Dennis Coffee Morning until 12.00 We look forward to seeing you.
Has somebody put a curse on lostock Gralam, First the incinerator, now this . HS2, I first came to live here 20 yes ago It was a lovely place with no rush hour traffic,a perfect blend of town and country, I've just been looking at the colour bands for compensation, and realised Hs2 is offering me £7.500 compensation, a small amount for all the upheaval And loss of value in my property, i think hs2 needs to get real about this situation If they want to get the public on there side Dear Mr Ward Thanks for your comment. I understand where you are coming from, firstly the Parish Council has invited CWAC Highways to the next Parish Council meeting and has set 20 issues to be discussed and hopefully resolved. Secondly we are currently drafting the HS2 Consulation Reponse for Lostock Gralam, so your comments are welcome and will be considered in our response. Many thanks Lyndsey Sandison Clerk to Lostock Gralam
Any feedback with respect to the expected impact to the village of HS2 in terms of traffic during construction and the impact on local woodland would be much appreciated. It would also be helpful if the parish council could keep us informed of any proposals to re-route the A556. I must say that I do feel disappointed that the village has been somewhat sacrificed in order to accommodate the now infamous 'Tatton Bend'. Dear Mr Kettle, the Chairman and I have another HS2 meeting on 31.1.2017 where we hope to gain further information. I am currently in the process of writing the Lostock Gralam Parish Council response to the HS2 consultations. I will ask your questions at the HS2 meeting and report back. Best Regards Lyndsey Sandison clerk
The milepost at the crossroads is falling into disrepair. This is a grade Ii listed building at Ngr 685734 and requires refurbishment, as it would be such a shame to lose a part of the history of the village. Thank you for your message. This is a project for the New Year and will be resolved soon. Regards The Clerk to Lostock Gralam Parish Council
Just wanted to say what a lovely event the Christmas tree lights switch on was, well done and thank you to all involved. The mulled wine and mince pies at the church hall afterwards was very nice. I have lived in lostock 6 years and felt it really brought the community together. The children singing carols from the school did very well. Looking forward to many more events like this.
Christmas Tree is a must, could this not be on the land near the slow and easy?! I'm fed up of being cut up by cars in the incorrect lane near the business park, there is going to be an acciden. I agree with the other author, a filter light is needed at the crossroads.
Christmas Tree and excellent idea. Yes to parking restrictions, it is a nightmare at the traffic lights near Slow and easy (right filter lane needed - come on Parish Council!!) Speed limit not adhered too...but think too much empasis on such a small strech of road. Lodge Lane (where I live) is far more dangerous as every day I witness cars, vans etc traveling the wrong way. It will probably be me with my 6 month old in the car that will have a head on collision one of these days when turning into the road. Can more be done to help make that road safe please, rather than thousands spent on a small stretch near the Watermead??? PS I did email last year about the state of the road at the crossroads at Slow and Easy, glad to see this has finally been sorted. Can right filter now be added for vehicles turning right into Hall Road???